‘Budget To Benefit Middle Class’: PM Modi. ‘Mitr Kaal Budget’: Rahul Gandhi

In his address regarding the Budget 2023, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that crores of Vishwakarmas are the builders of this country. Sculptors, craftsmen, all of them work hard for the country. For the first time in this budget, the country has brought several incentive schemes. Technology, credit and market have been planned for such people. ‘PM Vishwakarma Yojana’ will bring a big change for the development of these Vishwakarmas.

He said, “From women living in villages to urban women, the government has taken many steps. Such steps will be taken forward with full force. Apart from this, women’s ‘Self Help Group’ ‘ has taken a big place for itself in India. New initiatives have been included in the budget to support them. A special budget scheme is also being started for women. It is going to give great benefit to the mothers.

PM Modi said, “The Government of India has made the biggest ‘Food Storage Scheme’ to increase the storage capacity. Now we have to repeat the success of digital payment in the agriculture sector. That’s why in this budget we have come up with a big plan for digital agriculture infrastructure.”

He said, “We have come up with a big plan for millets. When it is reaching every house, becoming popular all over the world, the farmers of India will get the most benefit from it. It has to happen. That’s why a big plan has been made for this in the budget. This will give benefits to our tribal brothers and sisters who do farming and the country will get a boost in this sector.”

He further said, “In the budget, we have laid a lot of emphasis on technology and new economy. ‘Digital India’ today is in places like rail, metro, waterways etc. Investment in infrastructure today as compared to 2014 registered a growth of more than 400%. Infrastructure will provide employment to the youth of India and will be beneficial to a large section.”

Prime Minister further said, “The first budget of Amrit Kaal will build a strong foundation to fulfill the grand resolution of ‘Developed India’. This budget will help the underprivileged. This budget will fulfill the dreams of today’s aspirational society, villages, poor, farmers and middle class”

Prime Minister said, this budget will make cooperatives the pivot of rural economy’s development. The government has made the world’s largest food storage scheme in the co-operative sector. An ambitious scheme to form new primary co-operatives has also been announced in the budget.

Compared to the year 2014, investment in infrastructure has been increased by more than 400%. This time there will be an unprecedented investment of Rs 10 lakh crore on infrastructure. This investment will create employment for the youth and new income opportunities for a large population. 

On the other side Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has reacted on the budget. He has termed the budget as the budget of ‘Mitra Kaal’.

 Rahul Gandhi tweeted that, “Mitra Kaal Budget – No vision to create jobs, no plan to deal with inflation, no intention to remove inequality.”

Rahul Gandhi further said, “1% richest own 40% wealth, 50% poorest pay 64% GST, 42% youth unemployed- yet, PM doesn’t care. This budget proves That the government has no roadmap to build India’s future.” 

The central government has described the budget as ‘Amritkal budget’. Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that the Modi government’s budget-2023 is a budget to lay a strong foundation of Amritkal.

Other Congress leaders have also targeted the government while criticizing the budget. Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh tweeted that last year’s budget had won accolades for allocations related to agriculture, health, education, MNREGA and welfare for scheduled castes. Today the reality is well known. The actual expenditure is much less than the budget. 

He claimed that this is Modi’s ‘OPED’ strategy for headline management – over promise, under deliver. 

Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge alleged that the Modi government budget is a proof of the ever-diminishing public trust in the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and has been prepared only keeping elections in mind. 

He also said that in the Union Budget 2023, no effort has been made to find a solution in the context of inflation, unemployment and farmers.

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