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Bus Owners-Workers Threatened To Halt Service From West Tripura

Southbound bus owners trade union have threatened another halt of service.

A joint press conference was also informed that the bus service from Nagerjala, West Tripura to the South Tripura District will be halt from October 5 if necessary steps are not taken by the government and the relevant departments of the government.

According to them, for the last few years, the bus owners and workers’ organizations of Nagerjala are in extreme crisis.

On the one hand, most of the passengers are not entering the Nagerjala stand due to the absence of any role from the government and administration.

Due to the lack of monitoring by the transport department and traffic, passenger transport is being carried out by non-commercial private vehicles.

On the one hand, there are fewer passengers at the Nagerjala bus stand, and the owner drivers have become fed up with the administration’s threats on the road in various ways.

Apart from this, the government is not settling the car bills used for various reasons including elections.

The bus owners and workers are extremely angry about these incidents.

For the last four years, the leadership of the Bus Workers Owners Organization has knocked the door from the Transport Department, Traffic Department, AMC, TRTC authorities to the District Magistrate . Talked with the Minister of Transport department also. But no action has been taken to solve the problems.

Rather, the problem of bus owners is increasing every day, including tolling. It has been informed in a press conference on Wednesday that these unethical acts will not be accepted.

If action is not taken by the transport department at a fast pace, the movement of vehicles will be stopped. The leadership of the Bus Workers’ Owners Association said that vehicles will not be driven on the southern route from October 5.

It has been demanded on their behalf that the permit cannot be given unethically by excluding the stand. The bill of the vehicles used for government work should also be settled. Harassment of workers including drivers in road transport should be stopped. Passenger transport by private vehicles must be stopped.

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