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By-Polls: Congress, TIPRA Motha Wokers Campaigning For CPIM Candidates

The Congress party finally joined the by-election campaign for the assembly constituency. C

PIM candidate Mizan Hossain went door-to-door campaigning with the workers of the Congress party after Billal Miah, who was the centerman of the Congress party in this assembly constituency, joined the BJP party a few days ago and announced the elimination of the Congress party in this constituency.

The Congress party announced that Billal Miah does not mean the Congress party, many others have not deviated from the principles of the Congress party. The Congress party will work according to the decision of the all-India leadership of the party.

Today, Tipra Motha and Congress parties started campaigning in Dhanpur and Boxnagar for CPIM candidates. They have no candidates in both the centres.

CPIM candidates Kaushik Chand and Mizan Hossain are to contest in Dhanpur and Boxanagar constituencies respectively.

Just as Tipra Motha campaigned in Dhanpur’s Anandpur on Sunday, the Congress party campaigned with the CPIM party in Buxnagar’s Ahariya.

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