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By Polls Tripura: Election Commission Announced Separate Helpline Numbers For Each Constituency. Here The Details

Section 144 has already been issued in four assembly constituencies in Tripura to ensure smooth conduct of by-elections in four constituencies. 

The Election Commission has also launched a helpline number with the help of voters. In the meantime, various calls have started coming to that number. 

Not only that, in the by-elections also there are fully women-run polling stations. There are also women security personnel. A total of 221 polling stations.

Today, the Chief Electoral Officer of Tripura said that there are a total of 221 polling stations in the by-elections of 4 assembly constituencies. Of these, there are two women-run polling stations at 6-Agartala and 8-Town Baradowali centers and one each at 46-Surma (SC) and 56-Yubrajnagar centers. 

He said that electricity, internet service, drinking water and ramps have been provided for the disabled in every polling station. In addition, sheds have been set up at various polling stations to keep voters waiting for rain.

He said section 144 has already been issued in four assembly constituencies to ensure smooth conduct of voting process. There is also a webcasting system in every polling station. The necessary equipment and staff have already been deployed. 

He further said that a separate helpline number has been introduced for each constituency to solve any kind of problem in the case of voters.

According to him, the helpline number for the 6-Agartala Constituency is 0361-2325937 / 2383646 and the WhatsApp number is 986320 1665. 

Helpline number 0381-2325937 and WhatsApp number 8132941764 for 8-Town Baradowali Constituency. 

Helpline number 03826-262222 for 46 Surma (SC) center and WhatsApp number 94850 11051 and helpline number for 56-Jubrajnagar constituency is 03822 220202 and WhatsApp number 7005568460.

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