Can Congress Capitalize On Karnataka Victory?

Election results of Karnataka announced on Saturday May 13 and proved to be a lifeline for the Congress. 

It has registered a bumper victory in Karnataka. Now after being out of power in Karnataka, BJP’s difficulties may increase in other states of the country like South India. 

Will it have an impact on the 2024 Lok Sabha elections as well? The debate on this has also intensified now that from the point of view of becoming the pivot of the opposition, the claim of the Congress has been further strengthened after getting the power in Karnataka.

The way the surveys were done on the Karnataka elections, the matter of surprise was that if the surveys were done properly, Congress would have declared 125 to 135 seats. 

Now, whatever results are obtained by the surveyors, if all the work was done properly then why the work of diluting it was done, it is beyond understanding. 

It is ethically wrong as well and it is like misleading democracy. The huge victory of Congress was written like writing on the wall. 

Three issues made a big impact in favor of the Congress… Bajrang Bali, Burka and Amul’s discussion against Nandini Dairy. 

The people there rejected all these three things, on which politics was going on for a whole year. The public said that it could be someone’s personal issue, but it was not an election issue.

By the way, the revival of Congress has started with the ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ and now with the election results of Karnataka. It is a matter of happiness for the Congress workers. 

But ow Congress also has to understand one thing. Till now those people used to say that because of EVM these people have been winning. Now Congress should take a stand. It should declare whether the EVM is right or wrong. Both the things will not work. 

It should either talk about EVMs or say that the next election will be held on ballot paper only. Along with the Congress, the leadership and workers of the BJP are also thinking whether all these things will continue like this in the future or something will be managed?

Congress will have to think whether to accept the victory of Karnataka as a guarantee for the elections of the next states i.e. Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh etc. 

There are not only these elections, there are many other states, then there is the election of the Lok Sabha. The Congress has just lost the election in Punjab’s Jalandhar, which was its stronghold. There AAP has not taken the vote of BJP, it has taken the vote of Congress only. Congress should brainstorm, it has to be done. 

After all, question raising if you are growing in Karnataka, so why are you losing there? 

Congress will have to act very sensibly now. The electoral process of India does not say anywhere that you should contest elections only by declaring yourself as the PM candidate. We have seen this too in 1996, 1998 and 1999. 

We have also seen that all the governments that were in place from 1996 to 2004, even though they were said to be weak, they were not given that much importance as a coalition government, but these governments worked very well. 

Even if it is Gujral’s government of the United Front? The ground work for the Pokhran blast that was carried out by the Vajpayee government in 1998 was done by the same government. 

The baton was given to him by the Narasimha Rao government, after completing all the preparations. 

Two coalition governments did this work together and it is wrong to say that such governments are weak.

One more thing to note. Governments from 1996 to 2004, be it Deve Gowda’s, Gujral’s or Vajpayee’s, have topped the record in transparency. 

Everyone used to know what the decision was to be. The second thing was that these three governments were not tainted by corruption. At the time of Vajpayee ji’s government, people were surprised that why the prices of all things are going down on their own? The belief that coalition governments do not take decisions, they are weak, is a baseless belief.

Congress will also have to understand this thing. Congress has successfully used UPA. However, the problem of the Congress is that arrogance comes to them very quickly. 

If it has to lead the country, it will not do so with arrogance. Everyone has to be taken along. At the moment, it is meaningless to talk or think for Nitish Kumar. 

The Congress should also take this precaution that until the results of the elections are out, the name of the PM should not be talked about. To take everyone along, for the interest of the country, who will be the best leader for the emerging combination, Congress will have to think about all this. 

If it wants to do long politics, yes, if there is a question of an election, then she can do anything.

Congress can work where their state unit is good. It got the benefit of this in Karnataka.  Can take advantage of this in Chhattisgarh. The contest in Madhya Pradesh will be fierce, so it has to be seen where the Congress stands there. It has an alliance in Maharashtra, how Congress moves forward with it will be a matter to be seen. 

The problems of Rajasthan are of a different kind. It remains to be seen how Congress solves it. 

Right now the entire politics of the opposition is on the Congress. Congress can no longer escape by blaming BJP. Yes, there is one more thing in this. Even now the people who see the split or problem of Congress in Karnataka are just conspiracy theorists. It has been decided by the Congress and it will be so.

As far as Rajasthan is concerned, Sachin Pilot has become impatient and over-enthusiastic. He will not become Rajesh Pilot now. 

Ashok Gehlot is working very carefully there and keeping his hands and mouth in check, he is not reacting quickly. There is a way in front of Sachin Pilot that he should either part ways with the Congress or rectify the path. 

There are differences in every party, but the path he has taken now is wrong, irrespective of which party he lives in.

One thing to note for the Congress is that it is completely missing in many states. If it is not in Uttar Pradesh, then it is not in Uttarakhand either. Whatever you do, little by little. There is little in Bihar. Congress will have to strengthen every state. It has to think what kind of politics he should do in West Bengal and Odisha. 

Thinking about all these things, when he makes an integrated policy and gives place to all the allies, then only he will be able to do something good. They have to raise small issues which touch the public. 

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