Canada Gives Shelter To Extremist Elements: INDIA To US 

Making another attack on Canada, External Affairs Minister of India S Jaishankar has said that the country gives shelter to extremist elements. 

India has informed America about its concerns in this regard. Last week, India had called Canada a safe haven for terrorists.

This comment of S Jaishankar has come amid the growing dispute between India and Canada. 

This controversy started when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had recently claimed that “agents of the Indian government” were involved in the killing of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar in British Columbia in June.

Foreign Minister Jaishankar made the above remarks in response to a question during a discussion at a think tank in Washington DC on Friday.

External Affairs Minister Jaishankar said that he discussed the India-Canada diplomatic dispute with US National Security Advisor (NSA) Jake Sullivan and Secretary of State Antony Blinken. The American side shared its assessments on this issue and I told the Americans about India’s concerns.

He said, “The Prime Minister of Canada made some allegations, first privately and then publicly. Our response, both privately and publicly, was that the allegations he was making were not consistent with our policy. And if his Or if their government has anything new and they want us to look into it, then we are ready to look into it. This is where the conversation is at the moment.” 

Stepping up his attack on the Canadian government, the Foreign Minister said, due to Canada’s very lenient attitude towards terrorists and extremists in the last few years, their activities have started coming back. They openly advocate violence. Due to the compulsions of Canadian politics, militants have been given space to operate in Canada.

Jaishankar said, “For Americans, Canada probably looks very different, but it depends on where the shoe hits. For us, it has certainly been a country where India’s organized crime is associated with human trafficking. It’s linked to separatism, violence, terrorism. It’s a very toxic combination. That’s why we have a lot of tensions with Canada.” 

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