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Canada Recalled 41 Of Its 62 Diplomats From India

Following India’s order, Canada has recalled 41 of its 62 diplomats (India-Canada Relation). This decision was taken amid the ongoing tension over the killing of Khalistani terrorist Nijjar. 

The Justin Trudeau government termed the Indian Government’s order as a violation of the Vienna Convention. 

Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Jolly said that her government has recalled 41 diplomats. Along with this, Canada has also banned Consulate services in Chandigarh, Mumbai and Karnataka. 

The Foreign Minister also said that Canada will not retaliate. Following Canada’s move, the central government on Friday said that no international norms have been violated in India while seeking parity in mutual diplomatic presence in New Delhi and Ottawa. 

Melanie Jolie announced that her diplomats were returning to Canada due to New Delhi’s ultimatum. They fear that if they stay in the country beyond Friday, their diplomatic immunity will be taken away. He said that in order not to make the matter worse, Canada has decided that it will not take any retaliatory action.

Canada’s Foreign Minister said, “Canada will always follow international law, which applies to every country. We will also maintain relations with India. This is most important for us at this time.” Our diplomats should be present in each other’s country and we can talk at every level.”

Earlier, Canadian broadcast media CTV News had said in its report that Canada has sent most of its diplomats from India to Singapore and Malaysia.

In fact, India’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi had told in a press conference on Thursday that Canada has been asked to remove its diplomats, so that both the countries have equal number of diplomats. Canada’s extra diplomats present in India interfere in our internal affairs.

Amidst the Khalistani controversy, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau had said on October 3 that he does not want to increase tension with India. He had described the relations between the two countries as extremely challenging at present. 

While talking to the media in Ottawa, Trudeau had said – “It is important for Canada that our diplomats remain present in India. We will continue to take such steps so that we can build better relations with India even in difficult times.”

Canada has also issued a new advisory after recalling its 41 diplomats from India. In a new travel advisory, Canada has asked its citizens living in India to take special precautions. 

This travel advisory states that Canadian citizens may be intimidated in India. They can be exploited. They can also be misbehaved in public places.

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