Can’t Ask Question? Than why Vote?

With out any discussion or ‘question hour’ in this monsoon session of the Parliament government will pass ordinances. Total 45 bills and 2 financial items to be passed in this session. It’s just like a ‘rubber stamp’ Parliament session. The importance of the Question Hour in a parliamentary democracy lies in the fact that by using this time slot as a tool, the Opposition can hold the movement responsible and raise questions on issues of socio, political and economic importance. It is worth noting here that a session of Lok Sabha begins with the Question Hour. To ensure transparency in the proceeding of the House, a live telecast of the Question Hour was started in 1991. Question Hour is the first hour of a sitting session of India’s Lok Sabha devoted to questions that Members of Parliament raise about any aspect of administrative activity. The concerned Minister is obliged to answer to the Parliament, either orally or in writing, depending on the type of question raised. All though it’s pandemic time but is it emergency time that government suspend question hour or private members bill? According to the opposition the Modi government is escaping from its responsibility of answering to the nation on crucial issues such as the crumbling economy, handling of the pandemic and Chinese incursion in Ladakh. The Opposition feels that even a slight change in parliamentary protocol will have far reaching impact. It will adversely affect the ability of an MP to raise questions in the House and the way debates and discussions are conducted in the House.

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