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Capitalism, Imperialism Cannot Solve The Basic Problems Of Human Life: Manik Sarkar

CPIM organized a blood donation camp at the party office in Dhaleshwar on Friday. Former Chief Minister Manik Sarkar officially inaugurated the camp on this day.

A Voluntary Blood Donation Camp has been organized in view of the 107th November Revolution Year observed from November 7-17

Polit Bureau Member Manik Sarkar inaugurated the blood donation camp organized at CPIM East Agartala Local Committee office.

He encouraged visiting blood donation campand talking to blood donors.

Later, he faced the media and said, from November 7 to November 17, under the leadership of the Communist Party of the Soviet country, classless exploitation-free socialism was established by seizing state power.

Polit bureau member Sarkar thanked the blood donors for the blood donation camp organized ahead of the special day.

He said, there is no alternative to socialism. Capitalism, imperialism cannot solve the basic problems of human life. They only know how to fight, exploit, plunder.

But in socialism there are no class caste divisions. So the fight for socialism should continue, said Sarkar.

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