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CBSE Affiliated Vidyajyoti Schools Can Conduct Board Exams In Bengali Till 2026

Students of Vidyajyoti Schools in Tripura which are approved by CBSE will get an opportunity to take the board exams in Bengali for the next 2 years.

After 2026 there will be no opportunity to give exams in Bengali language.

This was informed on Thursday by publishing a circular on behalf of Secondary Education.

The number of CBSE approved Vidyajyoti schools in the state is 96.

Especially the students of all these schools studying in Bengali medium were in doubt to give exams in Bengali language.

However, even if CBSE approves it for the time being, after 2026 this opportunity will not be available again.

Board exams will be conducted in English for students of all schools. Further in the memo signed by the Director of Secondary Education at the same time It has been informed that every class of Bengali medium schools will be converted into English medium step by step.

However, all the students of 96 CBSE approved Vidyajyoti schools who are currently in ninth, tenth, eleventh and may have their education in the language currently being taught in the respective schools i.e. medium of instruction may be Bengali or English.

Only for Tripura CBSE has approved this ‘request’ for the year 2024 & 2025. From 2026 all board exams will be in English. That is why all the CBSE-run Vidyajyoti schools currently conducted in Bengali language will also have the question paper in English.

However, currently all those schools can conduct study in 2 languages, especially those schools that run study in Bengali medium. In this case, students can give the exams in Bengali or English.

At the same time, the memo said, from the year 2024-25 (next academic year), those who will be studying in class IX and XI and when they appear for the board examination, they will have to answer the board examination in English only.

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