CBSE Allows Indian Languages As Medium Of Instruction. Issues Circular

The Central Board of Secondary Education i.e. CBSE will now provide students with the option of getting education in all Indian languages. 

In order to promote multilingual education of the new education policy, a circular has been issued by the board to the affiliated schools.

 Appreciating this step of CBSE, Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has congratulated.

In order to promote multilingual education with linguistic diversity, cultural understanding among students, the benefits of multilingualism have been explained in Article 4.12 of the National Education Policy 2020.

 In this, it has been emphasized that mother tongue, local language or regional language should be used as the medium of instruction along with the mother tongue, at least up to class 5 and maximum up to class 8.

In the circular issued by Dr. Joseph Emanuwal, director of CBSE, the challenges faced by CBSE in making multilingual medium of education and the efforts being made by the government to resolve them have also been mentioned. 

It is written in the circular that there may be some challenges to make multilingual medium of education, but these can be overcome. In this, the most important obstacle has been mentioned about the availability of teachers in the respective language, multilingual textbooks, time limit etc.

In the circular, the board has told that to reduce these challenges, the Ministry of Education has given instructions to prepare new text books through 22 languages ​​registered in NCERT. 

This work is being done on a priority basis, so that textbooks can be made available to the students in all the 22 languages ​​listed in the schedule.

In the circular, CBSE has mentioned the courses being prepared in Indian languages ​​for higher education, it is written that along with conducting examinations in Indian languages, books for technical education, medical education, vocational education and skill education are coming in Indian languages.

Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has appreciated this circular issued by CBSE. 

He wrote in the tweet that ‘Congratulations to CBSE for providing the option of education in Indian languages ​​from kindergarten to class 12th in all its schools, as per the vision of NEP, it will promote Indian language based education in schools.’

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