Census, Delimitation After The LS Election: Amit Shah In Lok Sabha

During the debate on Women’s Reservation Bill in the Lok Sabha, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that the Nari Shakti Vandan Bill is not a political agenda for BJP and Modi ji. 

He said that tomorrow will be written in golden letters in the history of the Indian Parliament. Yesterday, the bill to give rights to women, which was pending for years, was presented in the House. I want to thank Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said that since Modi took oath as the Prime Minister, safety, respect and equal participation of women has been the life force of the government. 

Amit Shah said that with the passing of this bill the long fight for women’s rights will end. During G20, Prime Minister Modi presented the vision of women-led development to the whole world. 

The Union Home Minister said that for some parties, women empowerment can be a political agenda, for some parties the slogan of women empowerment can be a weapon to win elections, but for BJP, women empowerment is not a political issue but a question of humanity.

Amit Shah said in the Lok Sabha amid opposition’s heckling that Amit Shah said that the opposition asks for accounts of 10 years from us, whereas they themselves do not give accounts of 60 years. 

He said that this is the fifth attempt to bring a women’s reservation bill. From Deve Gowda ji to Manmohan Singh ji, attempts were made to bring this bill four times…what was the reason that this bill could not be passed?

On Rahul Gandhi’s statement regarding OBC Secretary, Amit Shah said that some people think that the country is run by the Secretary, whereas we believe that the country is run by the government. 

Amit Shah said that after the elections, both census and delimitation will be done, very soon the time will come when one-third of the mothers and sisters will be in the House. 

On the Women’s Reservation Bill, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that questions are being raised regarding OBC reservation, delimitation issue or census, I answer them all. First of all, there are three types of MPs in the existing Constitution, who come from General, SC and ST categories. We have made 33% reservation for women in these three categories. Now if one-third seats are to be reserved, then who will decide that seat? should we do? If Wayanad gets reserved then you will say that we have done politics.

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