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Central Labour Law: CITU Organized Protest Rally At Agartala. Police Fires Water Canon

CITU organized a rally on Thursday at agartala protesting the reforms of labour laws by central government. CITU also placed a deputation before labour commissioner regarding this issue. Addressing the rally ex power minister Manik De said due to the new reforms of labour laws, all the major public institutions will become private property. Unemployment to rise in large scale. The exercise is also aimed at pushing out a large section of workforce out of the coverage of all labour laws through increasing the threshold level of employment in establishment and repealing of a big number of labour laws meant for certain specific section of employees/workers viz., sales promotion employees, working journalists etc. Even on Health and Safety related matters, the Code has so articulated the provisions as the workers and their unions cannot assert their opinions and rights for proper enforcement or establish the accountability of the employers for violation of even the basic health and safety provisions which is a common and daily phenomenon in the workplaces across the sectors throughout the country leading to loss of lives and disabling injuries almost every day. What Govt of the existing BJP brand can do with the Minimum Wage is already seen by all when the Labour Minister did  announce the floor level minimum wage at Rs 178/- per day (Rs 4628 per month) on 10-7-2019 through a press conference which is less than half of what the Expert Committee appointed by the same Govt recommended as floor level wage, not to speak of the trade unions demand for Rs 18000 per month formulated as per the formula unanimously agreed by the Indian Labour Conference in which Govt was a party. The BJP Govt under absolute captivity of the private corporate lobby could not dare to stand by even the recommendation of their own Expert Committee, comprising of  their chosen bureaucrats. To ensure the “ease of loot by the employers” this Govt can go to any extent to throw the workers and employees to sub-human living conditions. CITU also condemns such anti-worker move of the Govt and calls upon the workers and unions irrespective of affiliations to build up strong countrywide united protest and resistance to such retrograde exercise. On Thursday’s CITU Protest rally police fired water canon.  

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