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Centre Started Selling Enemy properties Worth Rs 1 Lakh Cr

The Home Ministry of the Central Government has started the process of selling enemy properties.

These enemy properties belongs to those Indians who have taken citizenship of Pakistan and China. 

At present, there are a total of 12,611 such properties, which have been kept in the category of enemy property. 

It is believed that their total cost is around Rs 1 lakh crore. Now these properties will be sold under the Enemy Property Act. 

In a notification by the Ministry of Home Affairs, guidelines have been issued for the process of evacuating and selling such enemy property. 

These properties will be sold with the help of District Officer or Deputy Commissioner.

If the cost of a property is less than Rs 1 crore, then the person keeping the property in his custody will be offered to buy it. If he declines the offer to buy them, it will be sold to another person or entity as per the prescribed sales process. 

The help of e-auction will also be taken for properties priced from Rs 1 crore to Rs 100 crore.

So far the government has earned Rs 3,400 crore from the sale of enemy property. Most of this includes fixed assets like gold. However, 12,611 fixed assets have not been sold so far. 

The Ministry of Home Affairs has detected such enemy properties through a survey. 

These properties are in 20 states and union territories. The government identified such properties through a survey so that they could be sold.

This survey has been done by the Directorate General of Defense Estates (DGDE), which will also help CEPI in determining the current condition and value of these assets. 

For this, in the year 2020, the government constituted a group of ministers under the leadership of Home Minister Amit Shah. Of the 12,611 identified properties, 12,485 are linked to citizens of Pakistan and 126 to China. Of these, the maximum assets are in Uttar Pradesh and the least in Haryana.

Apart from this, 94-94 in Bihar and Madhya Pradesh, 78 in Chhattisgarh, 71-71 in Haryana and Kerala, 69 in Uttarakhand, 67 in Tamil Nadu, 57 in Meghalaya, 29 in Assam, 24 in Karnataka, 22 in Rajasthan, 10 in Jharkhand There are 4 enemy properties in , Daman and Diu and 1 each in Andhra Pradesh, Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

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