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Centre-State Moving Towards Clean Energy, Green Energy: Tripura Power Minister

“Tripura government is interested in renewable energy generation in the state to improve electricity services. I held talks with Union Power and Renewable Energy Minister RK Singh in New Delhi” Power Minister Ratanlal Nath said this in a press conference at the State Civil Secretariat on Saturday.

In the press conference, the power minister said that in New Delhi, the success of the power department in the last five years in the state was discussed in detail with the Union power minister and the future plans of the department. 

The Minister of Power said, Current state and central governments are moving towards clean energy and green energy. The issue of clean and green energy in the state also gained prominence in the discussion with the Union Minister. The Union Minister has assured that the Central Government will support the establishment of Renewable Energy Centers in the State. A delegation from the central government will visit the state to review the matter.

In the press conference, the power minister said that the state government is interested in producing electricity by utilizing the state’s water resources. The use of green hydrogen technology in the state was also discussed with the Union Minister. A delegation from the Union Ministry of Power will also visit the state to review the matter.

 He said that about 150 MW of electricity is supplied from the state to Bangladesh through NTPC Bidyut Bypar Nigam Limited. Tripura State Electricity Corporation owes money from NTPC Bidyut Bypar Nigam Limited. Discussions are also held with the Union Minister about receiving this outstanding amount.

In the press conference, the power minister said that some amount of money is owed to the central government under the Soubhagya Yojana. Discussions have also been held with the Union Minister so that the State Government can get that amount quickly.

 In the press conference, the minister highlighted the success of the department in the last five years and said that 3 new 132 KV sub stations have been built in the last five years. Rs 80 crore has been spent on it. 154 km of new 132 KV lines have been laid in last five years. Rs 39 crore have been spent for this. 22 new 33 KV sub stations have been constructed in five years. 3 thousand 993 km of new HT line has been extended in five years. 9 thousand 127 km of new LT line has been extended. 218 km of new underground cable line has been laid. 1 lakh 36 thousand 232 households have been given free electricity connection in the last five years. Also Revenue Management System, Smart meter installed. The electricity minister said that electricity tariff has not been increased in the last five years.

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