Centre-States Should Jointly Search The Solution

After almost 9 years the mercury of Summer already touching 40 degree Celsius in the early days of Summer, starting from Bengali calendar month Boisakh.

Even though Boisakh passed Chaitra, not even a proper Kalbaisakhi reached in Tripura. , ‘Bath of fire’ for child to old man- continuesfor every one.

Tripura government closed the schools for six days.

However, such weather left little room for surprise. Such unfamiliar weather is the inevitable consequence of global warming. 

Climate change has been happening in almost every corner, not just in Tripura, but in almost every corner of the world.

And this changes happens during the past decade practically under the noses of the world leaders who appear every year at the World Climate Conference to express their ambition to limit temperature rise to below 2 degrees Celsius.

As such, the summer of Sujala-Sufla Bangladesh are becoming harsher, more intolerable almost every year according to the rules of the calendar, Kalbaisakhi does not come.i

Most importantly, Gradually the familiar heat of Tripura has been replaced by dry air. As a result, the sweat is decreasing, the skin is tight, the thirst is not quenched even after drinking water again and again.

Meteorologists fear that summers are going,

to get harsher in the coming years. 

The challenge is to adapt daily life to this changing climate. As world leaders promise to reduce carbon emissions and rein in warming in the coming days damage is already done. 

Recognizing that loss, shaping the future should be an urgent task. The effects of climate change will not be limited to harsher summers. 

That damage is already seen in many areas, including increased intensity of ocean storms, untimely arrival of cyclones, rising sea levels. 

Food crisis has increased. Public health is not left out. Hence, in a populous country like India, there is an urgent need to review all these aspects and build lasting infrastructure to deal with it. 

Not politics, not pushing the blame, Climate change doesn’t judge party symbols. 

Realizing this, the Center and the States should simultaneously join in building infrastructure.

The question is, do governments have that foresight? Let’s see an example. 

Every year, when the intensity of heat increases, the initiative to close educational institutions starts in various states including Tripura.

Students getting sick due to excessive heat is practical , so too is the fact that the syllabus in schools is never completed on time. 

Hence, balancing is necessary. On the assumption that the heat will increase, it is necessary to think about whether the academic year could be changed in accordance with the advice of academics and climatologists, or whether summer vacations could be lengthened and other vacations shortened.

What happened to it? Sx days class off cannot solve the real problem. Where climate change is long-term, it is impossible to deal with it with snap decisions. 

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