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Chakma General Assembly Held In Agartala

Out of 16 families who converted to Christianity from the Chakma community of Pencharthal area, 14 families returned to their religion.

Shanti Bikas Chakma, secretary of the organization, said this in a press conference at Agartala Town Hall on Thursday.

Chakma General Assembly was held by the initiative of Tripura Region Chakma Social Council. Chakma Samaj Chief Samajpati Devyan Chakma, Co-Chief Samajpati Jogamaya Chakma, Samajpati Nirmal Chakma, Senior Journalist Sruta Ranjan Khisa and others were present there.

On this day, a press conference was held at Agartala Town Hall after their general assembly. On this day, the secretary of the organization alleged that 16 families were converted by using various tricks. After they understood everything, 14 families returned to their Chakma religion.

He said, their culture is in danger today.  Administration takes necessary initiatives. so that their culture and social system can be protected.

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