Challenges Before India To Host Olympics

Olympics is a dream for India . However, we have successfully organized the Asian Games long ago and the Commonwealth Games in 2010. 

So far, the hosting of the Olympic Games in Asia has come only to China, Japan and South Korea. India is no less a nation than these.

India is the 5th largest economy in the world and has a population of more than 140 crores, hence India is both a vast market and a country with huge audiences. 

We are also a sports loving country and crores of people have been watching various sports matches on TV. 

The World Cup of One Day Cricket is currently going on in India. In fact, India’s infrastructure is no less than any developed country. Our country has an extensive and advanced infrastructure of highways and roads. Big cities are interconnected. There are beautiful and well maintained hotels. There are means of uninterrupted transportation. There is a good system of administration and management under the Sports Ministry. The Indian Olympic Committee and national sports federations have autonomy. However, there is scope for professional improvement. The ‘political face’ of various sports associations has to

However, these are also parts of our democratic system. In summary, why should India not host the Olympic Games? 

In the recently held Asian Games in China, India stood fourth by winning a total of 107 medals including 28 gold medals, hence India’s commitment, hard work and passion towards sports is clear. Our players have also set world records. 

We are becoming an old power in hockey and are the ‘champion country’ of the Asian Games. However, it is also a fact that India stood 48th in the medals table in Tokyo Olympics.

That too was a somewhat better performance, because after four long decades our player could win a gold medal in athletics. 

However, apart from sports, India proved at the international level by presiding over the G-20 countries that it is capable of hosting such a complex, protective, timely and successful event. 

Presidents and Prime Ministers of almost all the big countries of the world had come to New Delhi. In this context, the meeting of the International Olympic Committee held in Mumbai is important, on the platform of which Prime Minister Modi expressed his desire and also offered to host the 2036 Olympic Games. 

He also linked this hosting to the spirit and ambition of 140 crore Indians. However, the Olympic Games are mostly organized in metropolitan cities and big cities, which has a direct impact on the revitalization of underdeveloped cities and the overall economy of the country. 

Still, hosting the Olympic Games is a dream, a challenge and also a milestone for us, because there are many prejudices associated with it. 

There are also concepts of human rights and tolerance for India. We have some traditional restrictions, which are not favorable for international players.

Can those restrictions be removed? Olympics is not only an event of sports but also an event of global civilizations, cultures and races, hence we have to become more tolerant and friendly, because the world will be watching and judging us through a microscope.

 Environment, clean air, sustainability and sustainability etc. are also new vocabulary of Olympic Games. However, India’s current situation has improved in this regard, but there are still many questions. 

The situation of pollution in the capital itself is becoming like a ‘gas chamber’. However, hosting an Olympics is like running a marathon with many obstacles. 

If our government has taken a pledge and can bid this time, then on the basis of Gujarat’s largest stadium, most prosperous market and business like global diamond industry, it should strengthen its claim that India is fully capable to host the Olympic Games.

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