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Chandrayaan-3: ISRO Once Again To Activate Vikram, Pragyan Tomorrow

After the successful landing of Chandrayaan-3 on the moon, September 22 is going to be a very special day for Vikram Lander and Pragyan Rover. 

Actually, sunrise will happen again on Friday on the south pole of the Moon. Due to sunrise, ISRO will once again try to ‘wake up’ Chandrayaan-3’s Vikram lander and Pragyan rover.

ISRO scientists have also completed their preparations in view of the sunrise. An attempt will be made to activate the lander and rover once again tomorrow with sunrise over the Moon’s Shiv Shakti Point.


There are many places on the South Pole of the Moon where sunlight falls every 15 days. At the place where the lander has landed, the sun shines for 15 days and there is darkness for 15 days.

ISRO Chairman S Somnath said that when the sunrise occurs at Shiv Shakti Point (the moon’s south pole where the lander landed), the lander and rover will be activated again. 

ISRO will try to restart both. Somnath said that it is expected that both the equipment will be easily operational on September 22.

According to the information received by ISRO, the batteries of the instruments on Vikram and Pragyan are still charged. 

Let us tell you that this battery is charged by sunlight. The batteries of both were charged before going into sleep mode and the solar panels are set in such a way that the first rays of the sun fall on them.

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