Chandrayaan-3: Next Operation To Reduce The Moon’s Orbit On August 9, ISRO

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) President S. Somnath said on Monday that Chandrayaan-3 satellite is fine and working well. 

He said, ‘All the instruments of Chandrayaan 3 are working properly.’ Earlier on Sunday, ISRO had announced that on Sunday, Chandrayaan 3 has joined the moon’s orbit safely. Chandrayaan 3 is working properly in the Moon’s orbit. According to ISRO, the next such operation will be done on August 9, through which Chandrayaan 3 will land on the surface of the Moon, reducing the Moon’s orbit. 

Also the first picture taken by Chandrayaan 3 has been released by ISRO. It depicts the Moon in light blue and green color with many craters. 

The spacecraft is functioning successfully and is moving closer to the moon in the lunar orbit as planned. 

Retrofiring of the engines has brought the vehicle closer to the lunar surface which is now 170 km x 4,313 km. The next operation to reduce the Moon’s orbit will be done on 9 August. 

According to the space agency, three such attempts will be made by August 17. After this, Chandrayaan 3 will be landed on the surface of the Moon, which includes Lander and Rover. During this, they will be separated from the propulsion module. 

ISRO had earlier announced that Chandrayaan 3 would be soft-landed on the lunar surface on August 23. If Chandrayaan succeeds in successfully landing on three lunar surfaces, India will become the fourth country to do so after the US, China and the former Soviet Union. 

Explain that this is ISRO’s second attempt to successfully land on the lunar surface in the last 4 years. 

India has high hopes from Mission Chandrayaan 3 and the eyes of space agencies around the world are focused on this mission of India. 

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