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Cheating With Public In Tripura Medical College In Name Of Medicine Sell. Staged Agitation

Businessman from outside the state of Tripura has opened another medicine counter without tender, despite having a generic medicine counter at Tripura Medical College Hospital . 

The most surprising thing is that the medicine which costs Rs 100 outside the hospital is being selling in that store at a higher price in the name of giving a 25 percent discount. 

Patients are cheating as they are unable to understand all these things. 

In protest against this incident, on Monday, all the drug shop owners outside Hapania Hospital gathered together and held a protest demonstration and placed deputation.

 When a disease occurs, people rush to the doctor to get rid of it. But while treating the disease as best as possible, it is seen that medical services are beyond the reach of common people these days. Still people flock to government hospitals if they can get services at a lower cost. 

But generic medicine counters in hospitals and drug stores outside the hospitals are pre-emptive to cut the pocket of the patient’s family. 

The administration has no control over it. Such allegations are constantly raising.

In the meantime, it was alleged on Monday that generic drug dealers are selling drugs to patients at high prices inside Hapania Hospital. 

The medical drug shop owner adjacent to the hospital placed a deputation to the Hapania Hospital Medical Supar on Monday demanding that this generic drug shop must be closed down as soon as possible.

Around 30 medicine shop owners have been doing medicine business for many years outside Tripura Medical College Hapania Hospital. 

But a month ago, this company named IRAYS MEDTECH SOLUTIONS opened a generic counter inside Hapania Hospital. But it has been seen that medicine is sold at a much higher price than the medicine shops outside which are selling medicines, said shop owners. 

However, when someone is diagnosed with a critical illness, recovery becomes virtually a nightmare for the family concerned. Because it is not easy to estimate how much medicine is required. 

The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority under the Department of Chemicals and Fertilizers of the Central Government fixes the prices of medicines on the basis of their purchasing power keeping in mind the common and poor people of the country. 

As per rules all medicines are divided into two categories. One of these is essential medicine and the other is less necessary medicine. 

The country’s policy commission decides which drugs are essential. As a result, it is tried to control the rate of increase in the price of this list as much as possible.

They also ensure that the profit margin from manufacturing to sale of essential medicines is within 16 percent. But this is not the case with essential medicine. In that case the number of drugs is about 90% of the total number of drugs. 

And in that case, dishonest drug dealers are cutting the pockets of the patients and patients’ families. Sometimes 10 percent, sometimes 15 percent discount is given, some unscrupulous traders do not hesitate to joke with customers. 

Now again it is seen that even in generic medicine there is no relief for patients and patients’ families. However, retail stores and generic medicine counters are everywhere a few cheeky tricks to cut the pockets of the common man. 

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