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Checks Bounced. Fraud: Man Arrested In Dharmanagar After Complaints Of 25 Victims

Accused fraudster Abhirup Chowdhury arrested for defrauding several lakhs of rupees.

Accused fraudster Abhirup Chowdhury was accused of taking things from people and not paying them, bouncing checks, taking cash money in the name of giving loans. Moreover he used dogs on the people who came for their due.

The police of Dharmanagar police station arrested fraudster Abhirup Chowdhury based on the complaints of common people 417, 420 of the Indian Penal Code against him. Sections 325 and 307 read with 138 MS Act 1881 applied.

Allegation against him has been for a long time that he take things from people and gave checks.

But every time the check bounced because there was no money in his account.  A person named Sandip Pal complained that Abhirup Chowdhury had purchased a computer from him at worth Rs.16900. He Purchases and issues checks. But the check bounced. 

On July 3, 2023, he and his brother Gourav Kanti Dhar beat him with a stick when he asked for money. The accused even threatened to kill him.

He bought mobile phone from Farzen Uddin and gave a check of Rs 7,000. That check also bounced. He took Rs 1 lakh 27 thousand Shrikanta Nath  but no loan was provided. 

After lodging complaints with the police station along with a list of about 25 people, Abhirup Chowdhury was arrested by Dharmanagar police station.

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