Chhattisgarh Village Gets Power Supply For First Time On The Eve Of 77th I-Day

Elmagunda village of Chhattisgarh’s Naxal-affected Sukma district will be illuminated on Independence Day 2023 after 75 years of independence. 

Actually electricity had not reached this village till date, but after the opening of CRPF camp in this village 6 months back, with the joint efforts of the District Police Force and CRPF jawans, the work of providing electricity to this village was completed. 

On Independence Day, all the houses of this village will be illuminated, due to which there is an atmosphere of happiness among the villagers. 

Although many times before this the CSEB department tried to install electric poles but Naxalites always used to damage these electric poles. 

But in the last 6 months, amidst tight security, finally success was achieved in electrifying this village and illuminating the village.

Sukma Collector S. Harish said that Elmagunda village is present in the worst Naxalite affected area of ​​the district. This village is immersed in darkness even after 75 years of independence, although many times before this the administration tried to provide electricity here, but there is no electricity due to Naxalites always assaulting CSEB employees and damaging electric poles.  But CRPF camp was opened in Elmagunda village 6 months ago and after that the electricity department started the work of installing electric poles here amidst full security and the work has been completed till Monday 13th August along with laying of electric wires. 

The Collector further said that the district police force, by taking frequent meetings of the villagers including village Elmagunda from time to time, informed the villagers about the activities of the Naxalites, participated in the development of the village and encouraged the villagers to stay away from Naxalism. Motivated to cooperate in the developmental work of Eventually, with the efforts of the district police, CRPF and the administration, the work of electrification in the homes of the villagers of Elmagunda was completed. Here, after years, there is happiness on the faces of the villagers that the houses are lit by electric lights

the Collector further said that after the installation of electricity, the development works of Elmagunda village will be expedited and in future also other facilities will be provided to the villagers. 

On the other hand, there is a lot of happiness among the villagers as electricity has reached their village. The villagers say that there was neither solar light nor any means of electricity in their village, due to the availability of electricity, their children will now be able to study in the light of night, along with electricity, the villagers also demanded the district administration to provide other facilities to the village.

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