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China and Communism: a core study

China and Communism are the two opposite entities that can be identical with the needles of  compass. China is one of the world’s four ancient civilizations and is globally known for her glorious past, autochthonous culture and esoteric diversity. Now she is better known for her authoritarian position in the Asian politics and state of affairs. With her critical political and diplomatic strategies she is successful in maintaining her white status and position both in Asian and International Forum apparently innocuous and wide apart. The Communist regime has fully upgraded China to a power aspirational state and now we undoubtedly can say her main vision is to capture and rule the Central Asia with her diabolic “Policy of Expansionism” and “will of re-establishing Central Celestial State” keeping an eye on the Indian and South-East Asian Subcontinent. Whereas, the world’s major and minor countries are now following the Right Wing Methodology and Principles of Governance; China is surfing against the current with her own outlandish model of communism. Her indecent dream of dominating the world economy is often blatantly criticised and get exposed by the diplomats, intelligence and political scientists from all over the world. Not just because of most of the world’s wealthiest industrialist countries would like to manufacture their goods and stuffs in China; not because of easily getting cheap skilled labourers, ample raw materials, market supports and government aids but because of her keen realistic and dynamic diplomatic relations with those states. Till the end of 2019 everything was almost okay but the sudden war-time burst of COVID pandemic in the beginning of this year has fully changed the game of politics and diplomacy between China and rest of the world. Her secret plans, missions, conspiracies and intentions are now started divulging out by the experts and agencies of several external counterparts. It is nothing but the outcome of her evil communism that has dragged her bonny status into the gutter of sheer castigation and infamy. Chinese President Xi Jinping and his government has now been taken under serious detention charges by various international agencies and governments alleging him as the mastermind behind this outbreak. Moreover, the commons of China and a very significant portion of CPC are now also acting against his inimical statesmanship. According to the internal sources, a state of flagrant despotism and cold-extermination has developed inside the boundaries of dragon soul China. Someone may hardly find any democracy and protection of human rights there. World knows the truth that “China is an ugly republic in the garb of ugly communism”. If we look back on her past, the rise of communist party in China is nothing more than any coincidence. The hamstrung downfall of Kuomintang (KMT) government; the consecutive routs of the nationalists in the civil war; the Sino-Japanese war where Japan at last had surrendered herself with her soldiers as prisoners of war in the hands of USSR in Manchuria and later on, a large part of Japanese armaments had been given to the CPC which brought a big boost in the formation of the contemporary PRC. Thus, how China being turned into a communist state from a nationalist state. It’s her forlorn destiny that has had always despoiled her own fabric and soul at successive intervals of history and time. It’s her own citizens that has had cheated and looted her since her very existence as a state. Even today also such sinful activities are secretly going on there. The CPC has every possible control over the resources, domain and wealth of China. Industrialization and greed of surplus economy has immensely effected the policies of CPC government. From 1953 keeping with Mao’s “Five Year Plan” China has walked a remarkable way in the growth of industrial sectors and factories. However, studies says 80% of enterprises are private owned and not by the government where China also allows foreign investments. Now the point is does true communism really allows private ownerships and business? Private-sector companies are a main driver of the Chinese economy, accounting for more than 80% of the country’s employment and more than 60% of GDP, according to the ACFIC. In fact a regional Chinese government official confessed that “The nationalisation of private tech companies is one of the communist party’s measures”. But there is a totally dissident reality. The CPC is controlling every division of employment whether it be agriculture, small scale business, trade and commerce, government services etc. A major part of the population is being employed in Industrial sector especially as wage labourers and toilers where they get treated like animals. They don’t have any right to oppose any directives and proposals of the government. Intelligence sources often reveals that they are got slayed brutally in time of extreme economic recession and political chaos. Moreover, they don’t possess any personal liberty and property as the government openly claim that their each and every property belongs to the state and not of any individual, an unscrupulous decree of communist realm. CPC is using the tool of arbitrary socialism over the masses just to gain certain smear political aims. Where the world is rehabilitating from the curse of communism; foxy China is deeply indulged into the practice of odious communism. Many political scientists even don’t cough to spell the hate against communism / communists. Communism is like diverting the people’s political consciousness towards a chaotic and dreary slumber forever by eradicating every progressive and liberal possibilities injecting the dictum of revolution and toxic socialism. It can be also understood by several instances from popular fables like “wolfs among the herd of sheep” “camouflaged python in the way of human race” etc. In words of ‘Mahakaal’, China is dreaming that it has to re-establish the Central Celestial State that it once was. Communism is a fencing for the outer world. This is the key theme of Marx and Lenin’s Communism as interpreted by Mao. The second thing is that China is a huge race which was asleep or was under the spell of addiction for a very long time, it was under the domination of foreign races. A sleeping race like this cannot be reawakened to do something big by imposing a democratic framework. It is a physical impossibility. It cannot be done; it can never be done. There must be some material to guide. In one word, they need discipline. A race, a country cannot be disciplined. Only an individual can be disciplined. For maintaining a stern system or disciplinary administrative framework it’s the only communism that fits perfect as an alternative resolution. The ‘real driving force and reason’ behind China taking the path of communism was only to ‘recapture their ancient glory-cum-splendour’. Only communism would allow a fanatically inspired small group to concentrate all power to dominate over a country and its people in their hands. It was really nationalism in the garb of communism. This, however, ‘was their most stupendous blunder’. However, it looks damn quirky that why a profound and ancient civilised race like China would ever dare to adopt an absurd, complicated political doctrine like communism for running their country? Question also arise – Is China really following the original school of communism or it is just a mockery in the name of communism? Original communism ensures the public right over every wealth and resources of a state, individualism or commercialization is what just the opposite of the belief but in China it is actually just the unanticipated; CPC is the only sole body to ablate or abjure any public or private property by their authority and claim. Real Communism blatantly opposes the existence of warlords and bourgeois status in a communist state but now it’s evident that few CPC elites and businessmen are living a luxurious life equivalent to of any rich person of a capitalist country. Marxist Communism mainly focuses on the belief of proletarian governance or dictatorship but in China it’s almost cynical; since Maoist regime China is an undeclared dictatorship by the sectional communists without least inclusion of working class or common citizens. There exist lots of instances and examples on behalf of China’s being not a full-fledged democratic state.
The very first fact is present in the Maoist Constitution of China. Chinese phrase “Renmin Minzhu Zhuanzheng” or “people’s democratic dictaroship” is a phrase incorporated into the constitution of the People’s Republic of China by Mao Zedong. It is an indirect unified concept to prove the essence of totalitarianism or partial mobocracy. Implicit in the concept of the people’s democratic dictatorship is the notion that dictatorial control by the party is necessary to prevent the government from collapsing into a “dictatorship of the bourgeoisie”, a liberal democracy, which it is feared, would mean politicians acting in the interest of the bourgeoisie. This would be in opposition to the socialist charter of the CPC. Explicit in the concept of the people’s democratic dictatorship is much abstract. The CPC maintains the sustainability of the party through detailed selection and seasonal overhauls in the top leadership to the grass-root cadres whereas the tendency of tyranny always persists inside the party. Supposedly, the general secretary after being elected may proclaim him/herself as the guardian of both the party and the state any time or by seizing the chair of the latter ( In the position of the President of China) denying the formality of plebiscite. Before claiming so, he/she might informally secure the backup from the central committee of the party through possible violation of their own framed constitutional protocol. The working president Xi Jinping could be alleged with such nonsense political manoeuvre that he has been planning from a very long time. Secondly, there are numerous invisible uproars and inaudible whines hovering over the dogmatic system of CPC led governance. Serious cases of mass assassination of media person, rebel groups, liberal activists, rogue journalists, external spies and most awkwardly their own party members and leaders in case of any disassociation or breach. Moreover, cases also had have been filed against their illegitimate judicial system where the party directly or indirectly manipulates the verdicts and affairs of the courts. Recent studies have shown various records of arbitrary legislations and policies of their unicameral legislative system. The fourth pillar of democracy i.e, the media and newspaper houses are almost on the verge of extinction except the very popular sycophant “The Global Times”. Freedom of Speech and right to liberty are considered as ominous curse of there that may bring to someone endless miseries and even death too. The standard of living is partly decided by the CPC authority and the local administration. Open web surfing and cyber facility is strictly measured and kept under complete observation of the government. Any voice and protest against the government may lead serious trials and tribulations to both native citizens and foreign nationals. So one may now question – how China still has the gut to claim herself a true Republic? Although, China is using that PRC term from its very re-establishment just to showcase her individuality, sovereignty and existence to the world in guise of a hoax socialist democratic nation. Philosophers and historians often deplores over the spiritual degradation and cultural depreciation of a such evergreen and enriched human race like China. They do also lament on the societal decrepitude and religiously moiled condition in China. In context to the ancient history of China the religious practises in ancient China go back over 7,000 years. Long before the philosophical and spiritual teachings of Confucius and Lao-Tzu developed or before the teachings of the Buddha came to China, the people worshipped personifications of nature and then of concepts like ‘wealth’ or ‘fortune’ which developed into a religion. In China, religious beliefs are evident in the Yangshao Culture of the Yellow River Valley, which prospered between 5000-3000 BCE. But in today’s date the communist government has already been distorted the historical value and meaningfulness of the stuffs, contents and chronicles through a very successful mean selection and disfigurations consisting all the significant and complicated spots and collections that may inspire liberal attitude in their citizen and also being afraid of their regime and stability. It’s almost hard to practise freely any influential religion or custom in China as if the authority is always proactive to such micro developments as national threats. That’s why people find themselves quite insecure while performing any religious rite or congregation. In fact the Chinese government is so brute and anarchic towards religious institutions that the devil may get ashamed. The world badly shook that moment when news came from China that its authority has daringly constructed a public toilet after demolishing The Uyghur Mosque in Xinjiang. For that barbaric deed the shameless authority of CPC has received countless bitter criticisms and lashes from every nook and corner of the world. Even everybody knows that in what kinda vile circumstances the minority muslim community in China is living. They are helpless and facing every possible threat from the authority and CPC. The women often get brutally tortured, get raped like animals; face serious sexual humiliation and to the most extreme inhuman level, they need to commit immediate abortion or they get only option of getting killed in the hands of henchmen. The 21st century Chinese communism is nothing but a heinous fiasco. The latest China’s communist policies are solemnly running on the machination of remunerative utopian capitalism infringing the leading principles of Mao’s communism and socialist set up. Either the modern communists are heading to the direction of converting China into an imperialist autocratic state or they are being disgusted just doing the same what a moiled democratic system would allow them to do. Starting from aggression with India at various diplomatic level to creating chaos in the territorial waters China would have ever stepped back. In game of conspiracies, manipulation, espionage and diplomacy she is still proving her calibre and mastery. The CPC is enough active and dedicated to China’s military and defence. According to the official reports of 2016, the Chinese government’s official defence spending figure was $146 billion, an increase of 11%from the budget of $131 billion in 2014.
Also in ancient times, China was not less than any Sparta and Samurai. In fact, China used to own various mammoth races of well-trained dauntless infantry and well-trained guerrilla warriors. They were also enough ingenious with their Navy and Artillery support. Monarchic China had won innumerable land and water wars with counterparts like Japan, Portugal, Great Britain, Mongolia, Czar Russia. Moreover, they were also good at crafting and designing their own weapons and strategies. But irony is that today’s China is perhaps worthy at hand to hand combat nor at a bigger next generation warfare. The CPC has very much convoluted the selection process and rules in the army. Chinese army also known as “People’s Liberation Army” is totally an asset of the CPC rather than the state. The CPC has all possible control in and out the army. The party uses PLA on several mean illicit occasions such as during national ballot session, handling civic disputes and protests, secret exterminations, offensive spying and even on infiltrating the international borders. Current revelation has stated PLA as the most unfit and indiscipline army of now. Communism is allotting every possible harm and stab to the machinery and the very own national fabric of China. Experts, nowadays, are briefing on a very serious outcome of China’s future. They are giving alarming warnings on the very sovereignty of China that the CPC anytime may sequestrate and earn it at once and forever. If it happens then there will be no chance of living the same free-independent social life under the same CPC administration but rather it would be a dictatorial state under the diktat of any anticipated party supremo or marshal. It would be an absolute state of grime nihilism and serfdom. People will be regarded as a state subject under the complete order of subjugation, oppression and obedience similar to that of North Korea. But still there is a hope of transforming China into a liberal democratic state. For that the country must revive and redeem the old evergreen traditional values of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism. Must cultivate again those traditional cultural values of harmony, benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, honesty, loyalty that awakes their psyche and ethos. Sages and philosophers often ventilate both pity and sorrow on the moiled savage condition of the popular cultural traditional Chinese values and philosophical life done by the communists. They often rue and moan repeatedly that how could be a country like China which had given birth to so many godheads like Laozi, Zhu Xi, Confucius, Sun-Tzu, Mencius, Zhuang Zhou had dared at a time and adopted the spineless doctrine of communism for the system and governance. This actually makes sense. Even though the Chinese constitution states that people are allowed freedom of religion but reality says the different. Currently, there are only five official religions but any religion other than Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism and Protestantism are illegal. Whereas, everyone knows the truth that the Muslim and Christian community in China are the worst surviving, affected plus humiliated religious minority communities. It has to be remembered that a nation better prosper when it starts following the eternal tracks and foot-prints left by the forefathers and nation builders. China still has a golden chance to restore her previous glories and form only if her freedom loving people joins the Taiwan confederation which is now openly fighting with the CPC government demanding the complete independence. Now if the liberal minded people of China once decide to walk along the same path with Taiwan, together ; then there creates a winsome possibility to topple the unholy communist government into the deep hell. Just like Soviet Russia, China shall also wake up sooner or later from this deep baffling slumber of communism once and forever.                                                   


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