China Border Tension: IAF Conducts Mega Drill In Northeast

After eastern Ladakh, it has become clear from China’s infiltration attempts in Arunachal Pradesh that its intentions are not noble. 

Now, along with the Indian Army, the Indian Air Force has also become active to explain its status. 

The Indian Air Force has started its preparations against the dragon near the Indo-Tibet border. 

On Thursday , a mega drill starts from the Air Force which will last for 2 days. 

In which Air Force fighter aircraft, helicopters and transport aircraft is included. 

In this military exercise, the Air Force to test its preparations.

In a tweet, the IAF said the last of the 36 Rafale jets joined the force. The IAF inducted the Rafale aircraft into its 101 Squadron of the Eastern Air Command at the Hasimara in July last year.

According to sources, in this exercise (Indian Air Force Latest Military Drill), with the help of helicopters and aircrafts, there will also be training to reach the border in a short time. 

All this will happen in the same area, which is currently a hotspot. State-of-the-art fighter jets like Rafale and Sukhoi-30 will also be included in this military drill. 

The purpose of the drill is to test how fast it can act in attack and defense in case of an emergency. 

All frontline air bases and several major Advanced Landing Grounds (ALGs) will also be involved in this exercise.

According to defence experts, this military drill of the Air Force (Indian Air Force Latest Military Drill) will be held at Chabua, Hashimara, Jorhat and Tezpur airbases. 

The Eastern Command of the Air Force will conduct this entire drill. This command is responsible for guarding Indian borders with Myanmar, Bangladesh and China. 

This military drill, which is taking place amidst the infiltration attempts of the Chinese Army in Tawang, is being considered as a strong message from India for the dragon. 

According to Air Force sources, the outline of this military drill was pre-determined and it has nothing to do with the Tawang clash. 

Despite this, due to the recent developments, this drill became very important. Through this, India will show its combat power and tell China that India is fully prepared to give a befitting reply to any of its wrongdoings and it will have to bear the brunt of its misadventure. 

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