China Preparing For War. Govt Sleeping: Rahul Gandhi

Bharat Jodo Yatra has completed 100 days. On Friday, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi held a press conference in Jaipur and attack the Modi government in the matter of clash between the soldiers of China and India. 

He also warned the Foreign Minister. Rahul said- The government is constantly ignoring the issue of China. But it can neither be ignored nor hidden. China’s operation is going on. Preparation is being done. The Government of India is sleeping . Anyone who understands these things can see their weapons. They are preparing for war. The Indian government works on an event-based basis.  I have spoken three-four times. Only the statements of the Foreign Minister keep coming. The Foreign Minister should deepen his understanding.

Rahul said- I bet no one will question me on China. Everyone will ask questions here and there. Will question Gehlot-Pilot. But no one will ask anything on China. China has taken our 2 thousand km square. Soldiers have been martyred. Our jawans are being beaten. But no one is asking anything about China. The whole country is watching this.

He further said – preparations have been done towards Ladakh and Arunachal. Government of India is sleeping. The danger is clear, but the government is trying to hide it. It will not be able to hide. China is preparing for war. This is not preparation for infiltration. One should be careful in view of what is happening. What I see is the threat of China, which the government is ignoring, full preparations are going on for it. The Government of India is asleep. Our government hides and is not able to accept.

He said- they are doing event based work. Our government does not work under geo political strategy. The threat of China is absolutely clear. The government is trying to hide it. Its preparation is for war. Their preparation is not for infiltration. You see their complete pattern. They are preparing for war. I have said before also that you should be careful. Its (Centre’s) rhetoric keeps on coming. Jaishankar keeps on speaking nowadays. give statement. I keep listening. But maybe they should correct their understanding a bit.

Rahul said- I am traveling because BJP, RSS have spread fear and hatred. I’m on a journey to destroy it. People of BJP and RSS are spreading confusion. increasing hatred. Rahul Gandhi said- You people show Aishwarya Rai, Virat Kohli, Amitabh Bachchan but not the common people. The day the Congress will get down on the ground, no one will be able to defeat it. We leave some things to the state units as they have to run their units in a certain way. 

Rahul Gandhi said- The focus of the yatra is on hoisting the flag in Srinagar. We have never had the kind of money that BJP has and will never have. Because we do not provide the kind of convenience that they do. The BJP is very clear about what it wants. They spread hatred. know what they want to do. Congress has defeated BJP in Himachal. Had his proxy not been AAP, he would have been defeated in Gujarat as well.

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