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Chit Fund Cases In Tripura: CBI Seized Several Evidences

CBI are roaming around Tripura in the Icore chit fund case.

CBI in Tripura to investigate chit fund cases. The CBI has seized the CPU of nine computers in the custody of the police from West Agartala police station.

About ten years ago, the state government had taken up cases against several chit fund companies in the state. 

Later, the responsibility of investigating these cases was handed over to the CBI. One such chit fund company is Icore. CBI is also responsible for investigating this case. 

The Icore Chit Fund Company extorted huge amount of money from the people of the state in the name of giving higher profits. The case was first taken up in the state in 2013. Then the state police took up the investigation. 

The case is currently being investigated by the CBI. On Tuesday night, a CBI officer, Devendra Kumar Arya, arrived at the Agartala West police station from Guwahati and seized all the items seized by the police in the income tax chit fund case. 

The CPUs of nine computers have been seized from them. The CBI official is believed to have taken custody of the materials from the state police as they are needed for further investigation in the case. 

It is learned that apart from Icore cases of chit fund companies which are in the hands of the CBI, more such materials can be taken over by the CBI officials from the state for investigation. 

CBI is responsible for a total of 35 chit fund cases in the state. CBI is investigating various chit fund companies including Rose Valley, WARIS, Saradha etc.

According to the report several persons are going to be arrest by the CBI.


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