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Chorai Still In Camps, Claims Brus, Placed Five Points Demands

The Reang refugees being resettled in north Tripura as part of a big blunder of the state government have raised  five point charter of demands for defusing the troubled situation in Kaskopara relief camp and Damcherra area after a clash between the Reang refugees and the indigenous Chorai group of Halam tribals.

A press conference was held at Agartala by a group of six Reang refugee leaders headed by Bruno Mesha . 

Speaking on the recent clash between Reang refugees and indigenous Chorai group of Halam tribals  the Reang refugee leaders alleged that in the first incident on July 13 a group of twenty five Chorai tribal youths had come by a Bolero car and indiscriminately attacked inmates of Kaskopara relief camp and injured at least seven tribals.

This created a bad blood between the two groups and many houses being built by the Reang refugees were also destroyed. Finally on July 27 there was a major clash involving the Reang refugees and Chorai tribal youths in which fire-arms and other weapons were used , resulting in injury to many .

The leaders of Reang refugees including Bruno Mesha held the Chorai tribal youths responsible for this and claims thry are still in the camps, said that the state government should take drastic action to tackle the situation.

The Reang refugee leaders who spoke to the media also raised a five point charter of demands .

The demands include- 1) the government of Tripura should identify the Chorai tribal youths responsible for the violence on July 13 and 27the and give them exemplary punishment for their ‘heinous crimes’,

2) Granting of financial compensation to the seven persons severely beaten up and injured by the unruly Chorai tribal youths,

3) the government of Tripura should allot 20 hactres more of land beside the Damcherra and Gouranga para road for resettlement of 345 more Reang tribal families,

4) the resettlement programme should be initiated immediately for the Reang or Bru people in different parts of Kancanpur subdivision, and

5) security forces should be adequately deployed near Kaskopara refugee camp to protect the Reang refugees from possible attack by the Chorai tribal community people. 

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