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CITU Tripura To Stage Protest On February 3 Against Centre’s Privatisation Policy

CITU Tripura to stage statewide protest on February 3 against the power sector privatization policy of Central Government. Addressing a press conference said CITU Tripura president Manik day. “Electricity (Amendment) Bill in its current form is unacceptable. In the name of reforms, the government is serving the interest of the private sector, gradually destroying the public sector across the country. ” Said Dey. CITU has demanded scrapping of the Electricity Bill and a standard bidding document for the total privatisation of distribution of electricity. It also urged the government to re-merge all power utilities in states with the functional components of generation, transmission, and distribution. Meanwhile Intensifying the stir against the Centre’s privatisation policy, 15 lakh power employees would resort to “work boycott” on February 3, the All India Power Engineers’ Federation (AIPEF) has said. AIPEF wants the withdrawal process of privatisation of electricity in states and Union territories to commence without further delay.

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