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CM To Inaugurate Fish Transhipment Yard At Nagichherra On October 12

With an objective to keep the city free from traffic congestion and ensure clean city mar- kets, the Agartala Municipal Corporation (AMC) has built a Fish Transhipment Yard with the help of the state government.

On October 12, the Chief Minister will officially inaugurate the Fish Transhipment Yard at Nagichherra.

On Saturday, AMC Mayor Dipak Majumder accompanied by Commissioner Dr Sailesh Kumar Yadav, Corporator Bapi Das, Tushar Kanti Bhattacharjee, traders of Battala and Maharajgaj Bazaar visited the Fish Transhipment Yard built at a distance of 1.2 km on the way from Khayerpur to Amtali Bypass Road at Nagichhherra.

Addressing the press in this context the Mayor said, “To keep the markets of Agartala clean and ensure smooth traf- fic movement, the Agartala Pur Nigam has decided that unloading of huge quantity of fish, transported to the state from outside won’t be done in front of the prime markets; Battala and MG Bazaar”.

“These heavy trucks carrying large quantities of fish imported to the state need a long time to be unloaded and meanwhile the common people including pedestrians have to face difficulties in movement because of traf- fic jams. So, the AMC has decided that loading and unloading work can no longer be done in front of the markets”, he said.

The vehicles carrying fish the drivers”, he said. will be allowed to park only in the Transhipment Yard and from here fish in required quantities will be transported to various markets in small vehicles, said the Mayor.

Majumder said, “The Fish Transhipment Yard built at a cost of Rs 3.5 crore will not only help in freeing the city from traffic congestion but will also provide minimum necessary assistance to the vehicle drivers and co-drivers”.

A 20-bed dormitory has been arranged for the drivers where they can have rest. Also, CCTV cameras have been installed and guards have been appointed to ensure security to the vehicles and

AMC Commissioner said, “Loading and unloading of goods from six big trucks can be done at a time. Besides, 10 large vehicles and 20-30 medium vehicles can also be parked”.

The AMC authorities also informed that similar arrangements will be made for loading and unloading of other goods in near days to keep the city clean and ensure smooth traffic movement.

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