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Commodity Price Rises More Ahead Of Durga Puja

Ahead of the Shardotsav (Durga Puja) the price of daily necessities in the market is increasing again. Already, the price of daily necessities in the local market has skyrocketed.

Throughout the year, the prices of daily necessities, potatoes, onions, vegetables, fish and meat in the entire state including Agartala remain high. It has gone beyond the reach of the poor and low earning people.

Again on the eve of Durga Puja, the prices of commodities like mung dal, Chana dal, sugar and other items suddenly increased in the market. Price of Rice has also increased in the market. Due to the trend of price increase in the market the condition of the consumers is dire.

Consumers alleging that the state government is silent despite the free increase in prices in the market. The price is falling in the market.

Even though the administration and the enforcement of the Food Department monitor and raid the market to keep it under control

The rise in prices has not stopped. The prices of goods are being increased freely in the market.

Consumers alleging that some unscrupulous traders are taking advantage of the opportunity and increasing the price of daily necessities like potatoes, onions, vegetables, fish and meat in the market without reason.

Retail price of pulses (Grape brand) has increased by Rs.10 to Rs.12 per kg. Last fortnight ago, the retail price of mung dal (grape brand) was Rs 114-115. Now the price has increased to Rs 125-126. The prices of other brands of mung dal have also increased abnormally.

Chana dal prices have also increased by at least ten rupees per kg in the last fortnight. The price of sugar has also increased by Rs 3-4 per kg in the last fortnight.

According to the market report , Mung dal, Chana dal, sugar etc are consume in large quantity during Puja. Therefore, it is alleged that some unscrupulous traders are using the opportunity to increase the price of these goods.

The price of rice in the market is also unusually high. The fire price of rice is not decreasing. The price of rice has increased further over the last fortnight.

The retail price of rice has increased by Rs 10-12 per kg in the last two months. The price of edible oil has declined slightly, but the price of lentil has increased.

The price of vegetables in the market is gradually increasing. Fire price in the fish market also. The price of fish is also increasing.

On the one hand, there is no end to the suffering of people as the prices of all kinds of goods including daily necessities are very high in the market.

On the other hand pressure of Durga Puja donation has become like a problem. A group of clubs and puja committees become the financial woes for the common people

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