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Communal Harmony Message: Hindu-Muslims Jointly organizing Durga Puja In Bitarban, Agartala

Setting an example of harmony amid the countrie’s communal tension, several durga pujas in Tripura are being organizing by muslim community jointly with hundu. Moulla para of bitarban, abhaynagar agartala attracting people of all religions across the state for their rare show of religious harmony in celebrating Durga Puja, which begun Thursday with the ‘Bodhan’ – welcoming the idols of Godess Durga. “The festival is for all. Why should we not organise this with everyone else? This is Tripura. We would like to live here together, die together and also like to share everything amongst us,” said Rahim Miah an elderly general secretary of the Bitarban Masjid and also the president of Durga Puja committee. “Men, women and children, Muslims and Hindus, with all sincerity and commitment have been jointly been organising Durga Puja for the past few years, In eid, hindu brothers also cooperate us” Said Rahim Miah. He also calls for maintaining the communal harmony in the state.

Rahim Miah, President Durga puja committee
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