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Compromising Social Distance Norms Govt Issues Approval To Carry Passengers As Per Seating Capacity

Compromising social distance norms tripura transport department issues approval to carry passengers as per seating capacity. Although ‘no splitting’ and ‘mask’ ‘sanitizer’ guidelines are mandatory but there is no such word like ‘social distance’ is mandatory, according to the approval notice. “I am directed to refer to the offer no F 2(1)CS/HOME/2020 dated 1st October 2020, and ti clarify that the social distancing mentioned therein has to be seen in the context of the number of passengers to be allowed to travel according to the seating capacity of the vehicles. In the other words, the vehicles may be allowed to carry the number of passengers as per its seating capacity” in the approval notice said N.R. Das under secretary, government of Tripura with the approval of chief secretary,Tripura government. Question raising that when positivity rate is near about 7 per in the state how can government approves carrying passengers without, mandatory social distance norms?

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