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Congress Asks ‘Nau Saal, Nau Sawal’ To PM Modi

On the completion of nine years of the government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Congress on Friday asked him nine questions on inflation, unemployment and some other topics and said that ‘the Prime Minister did not fulfill his promises with the country’. He should apologize for the betrayal he has done. 

The main opposition party alleged that the promises made by the Prime Minister are imaginary and none of the promises are fulfilled.

The Congress also released a booklet titled ‘Nau Saal, Nau Sawal’ and said that May 26 should be celebrated as Apology Day to Prime Minister Modi. 

Party general secretary Jairam Ramesh said reporters that today after nine years the Congress is asking nine questions. Rahul Gandhi had asked these questions during the Bharat Jodo Yatra, but there was no response from the Prime Minister and the government. 

He asked, Prime Minister, why is it that inflation and unemployment are skyrocketing? Why is economic inequality increasing? why the income of the farmers has not doubled, why the promises made to the farmers have not been fulfilled, why the legal guarantee of MSP has not been given?

Ramesh also asked, why the hard-earned money of people deposited in SBI and LIC was invested in this group to benefit Adani, whose 20 thousand crore rupees deposited in fake companies of Adani group? 

He said that Prime Minister, why did you give clean chit to China despite talking about showing red eye ? Why is an atmosphere of fear being created for political gains, for electoral gains?

Ramesh said, why is it that you keep silent about atrocities on women, dalits, tribals and minorities, why there is silence on caste-based census? 

The Congress general secretary asked why is it that action is being taken against opposition leaders in a spirit of vendetta and efforts are being made to destabilize opposition-ruled governments? Isn’t it that 40 lakh people died due to mismanagement and why compensation was not given to the affected families? 

He said that the Prime Minister should break his silence on these questions.

Congress media department main Pawan Kheda said that today should be celebrated as an apology day for the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister should apologize to all the countrymen because the people of India have been betrayed. Khera said that all the talks and promises made by him were imaginary.

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