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Congress-BJP Direct Clash In Charilam. Several Injured. Section 144 Imposed

Charilam area gets heated due to direct clash between Congress and BJP over Congress party programme on Monday. 

Allegedly, the workers and supporters of the two parties clashed in front of the police. Extensive vandalism was carried out in the Charilam Congress bhavan.

The police were forced to charge lathi. Section 144 has been imposed . Several people from both sides were injured in this incident.  

It is known that the Congress office of Charilam, which was closed for a long time, opened on Monday according to the previous schedule.

Ahead of the party program Congress workers and supporters took the initiative to open the party office. 

After opening of the party office, the crowd started to increase. The police administration had no clue about deterioration of the situation. Police and TSR were deployed but it was not sufficient. 

MLA Sudip Roy Barman, former state Congress president Gopal Roy came to the party office. State and local leadership including former MLA Ashish Kumar Saha were also present. At the same time, the Congress party workers gathered. 

Meanwhile, as soon as the crowd in the Congress bhavan increased, the BJP activists blocked the national highway. 

Suddenly the workers and supporters of the two parties involved in direct clash. Vandalism was carried out in Charilam Congress bhavan.  Campaign decorations of Congress were destroyed. The office was burnt down. Situation turned into the battlefield. 

Police and TSR were increased after seeing it go out of control. The police had to resort to lathi charge to bring the heated situation under control. The incident of political heat continues even in the rain.

However, several activists and supporters of both sides were injured in the incident. The Congress party alleged that the attack on them was organized in front of the police. 

On the other hand, the supporters of the ruling party chanted that the old days will not be allowed to return. 

The police dispersed the activists and supporters of the two parties. 

Meanwhile, MLA Sudip Roy Barman complained that Bishalgarh subdivision is another name for anarchy . There is a rampant movement of anti-social elements in the entire sub-division. Many people want to leave BJP and join Congress. But this joining meeting was not allowed. They decided to join today. The ruling party was trying to create problems in this meeting. 

Meanwhile, BJP workers blocked the road. They are adamant in demanding the arrest of the culprits. Many vehicles were stuck on both sides of the road. Charilam turned into a city of panic. 

Deputy Chief Minister got the news. He went and lifted the siege. Later, he went to the office of the District Magistrate and held a meeting. 

Meanwhile, the Congress leaders went to the state police headquarters to inform about the entire incident. 

A delegation met the IG of the Law and Order also. After leaving the police headquarters, former MLA Ashish Kumar Saha said:

“BJP miscreants set fire to the Congress office after the Congress leaders returned from Charilam. And even after being assured by the police, Congress workers were beaten. The IG Law and Order has been informed in this regard. Especially those involved in today’s incident should be arrested”

He also said that there is a program in the Congress for the month of August. This program will be organized in different block areas. Then if the BJP obstructs the Congress programme, resistance will be created. 

Mr. Saha said that the administration will be responsible for this. 

Meanwhile, Sudip Roy Barman said that the Police have been asked to take appropriate action. He said that he has received assurances from the police officials that such incidents will not be organized in the coming days.

The program started on this day with permission. But BJP tried to block it and blocked the road. Those who came to join the program have been arranged to sent home escorted by security guards . But still eight to 10 Congress workers were beaten up by BJP workers in front of the police. The matter is that the role taken by the police administration on this day is very reprehensible” said Pradesh Congress President Birjit Sinha.

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