Presidents who were non-gandi family has 57% success rate in general election of india. Being president Rajiv, Sonia and Rahul from gandhi family, party lost the the general elections respectively. Till after 73 years of independence, presidents belongs to the gandhi family rules the congress for 35 years. Presidents from non-gandhi family, lead, total 38 years, this decades old political party. Till now total 17 lok sabha election faced by congress where party registeres 4 time defeat under presidency of Gandhians. It was registered 3 times defeat under non-gandhi family presidency. Rajiv-Sonia-Rahul are the only 3 members from gandhi family, under their presidency party lost general elections. Congress lost general elections under Rajiv-Rahul-Sonia’s presidency respectively in 1989-2014-2017. Result of 2014 general election was the most worsen as party registered only 44 seat under Sonia gandhi presidency. In 2017 general election undee Rahul gandhi presidency congress registered 52 seat but lost its traditional seat AMETHI.

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