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Congress Hits Tripura Govt Over Hike In Power Tariff, Property Tax

Electricity is running in extreme disorder. After a few days, various offices of the corporation are being vandalized due to this. On Monday, the Congress directed the power minister to highlight this situation.

Congress is saying that Power Minister has suddenly increased the tariff of electricity. However, they do not have any initiative to collect billions of rupees of electricity dues in the private sector. The same has happened in the case of increase in property tax.

The Congress demands that considering the condition of the people, the increased property tax and increased electricity tariff should be withdrawn immediately. Otherwise, the Congress will be forced to move towards the movement.

The spokesperson of the party, Prabir Chakraborty, said in a press conference that the issue of electricity tariff will have a great impact on the people of Jumia, farm workers, day laborers and other working class. This is a blow to in a dire economic situation.

Even in the budget for the fiscal year 2023-24, where there is no indication of resource growth, Why is this tax increased overnight? He asks questions and wants to know the answers.

In the press conference, one of the spokespersons, Partha Acharya, expressed anger about the way the government has increased the fees for the Vidyajyoti scheme.

He said, where to do courses like MA in Calcutta. The university costs Rs 2,384 per year, but in MBB University, the fee per semester is Rs 17 thousand .

Acharya said that even though there is only one government law college in the state, there is no initiative to open a new law college till date.

It is heard that there has been an Private Law College opened in Jirania but due to the exorbitant fee, it is doubtful how many poor students will be able to take advantage of it.

On this day, the Congress spokesperson did not stop attacking the state government on Vidyajyoti project. It said, students will have to pay more than 3 thousand rupees for secondary and higher secondary education in this scheme. What is the meaning of the implementation of this project? By fooling people by talking about NCERT, now they are saying that they have to sit for the exam through English. Ths is nothing but Jumla.

Congress said that those who are currently studying in class eight will have to face exams the English language if they want to sit for the board exam in 2026. What is the intention of the government?

In his words, if money is there, you can study otherwise not. The poor have no chance. This is the underlying objective of the present government.

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