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Congress Holds Protest Rally In Agartala Against Price Rise, Hike Of Power Tariff, Property Tax

A protest rally was organized in Agartala on Thursday by the Congress against the state and central government against the skyrocketing prices of daily necessities, increase in electricity tariff, increase in unethical property tax, disturbed traffic system.

The rally starts from the Pradesh Congress Bhavan and traveled around the various streets of the city Agartala.

Prabir Chakraborty, spokesperson of Pradesh Congress, was present in the rally.

He said India is ranked 111th hunger index in the world under the leadership of Narendra Modi. One out of 9 people in the country become unemployed. Again, there is an abnormal increase in the price of daily necessities in the country and in the state. Despite the administrative raid to control the price increase, nothing is being done. Unscrupulous businessmen are looting profits under the patronage of BJP. Everything has gone beyond people’s purchasing power.

“About 80 crore people of the country cannot afford to buy rice from the ration now. And standing in this situation, the government is being warned that it will not be allowed to continue like this” said Chakraborty.

He said that in the coming days, Congress will not tolerate it and will launch a larger movement.

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