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Constitution Is Not Working In Tripura. Become Paralyzed: Manik Sarkar

Opposition leader Manik Sarkar asked the bike gang to return to the path of democracy and peaceful harmony.

Speaking in a public meeting in Jirania on Tuesday Sarkar said:

“Terror does not have the last word. Terror has no history. History can only be written by those who stand in the front lines of the struggle and speak for the people with the flag of the struggle on their shoulders. An example of this has been observed in Jirania area today. But those who have worked for five years as member of bike gang have written the name of mischief on their backs. Not only that, this government has written their names as oppressive forces behind them. Not only that, people have been identified as vote robbers for not allowing them to vote”.

” BJP has destroyed democracy in the state. This democracy should be brought back. This will be the main voice of the upcoming assembly elections. During the 58-59 months of BJP government, the state and the society are not doing well. Therefore, secularism and civil rights should be restored in Tripura through assembly elections on February 16″

He also said that the constitution is not working in Tripura. It has been paralyzed. The rule of law has taken over the rule of the jungle. And this regime should end on February 16. This government has cheated the poor people. BJP came to power by promising to give Rs 340 REGA wages and 200 days of work. Now it is seen that people are not getting work for more than 30 to 32 days. Not only that, the workers are not getting full wages. Mandal leaders are also sharing in this wages.

” Business is no exception. Business has come to a standstill. Completely in recession. There are no teachers in schools, no doctors in hospitals, no health workers. Therefore, this situation should be radically changed on February 16″ he said. 

“The upcoming assembly elections are not just about changing the government. The Left Front called for another coalition government to oust those who misruled the people of Tripura for five long years. The last five years have destroyed the constitution, destroy democracy and establish a fascist regime. And the state of Tripura has been used by the Bharatiya Janata Party as laboratory of exploitation” Said COIM Tripura Secretary  Jitendra Chowdhury.

He also said that this BJP government should be prepared in the state of Tripura through the elections on February 16 and send a message to the whole country.

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