Constitutional Institutions Are Under Threat. Public Under Fear. Polarization Is On By BJP-RSS: Sonia Gandhi

Congress’ ‘Chintan Shivir’ has started in Udaipur, Rajasthan from Friday. Congress Interim President Sonia Gandhi said in her inaugural address that this is an opportunity to discuss many of our upcoming works. 

She said this ‘chintan’ is about national issues as well as the party’s ‘atmachintan’. 

Sonia Gandhi said, ‘The country is in a different situation at present. The killers of Mahatma Gandhi are being glorified. Attacks are being made on Muslims, due to which a big threat has been created in front of the constitutional institutions”

In her address, Sonia said, ‘There is a need for structural changes in the organisation. Unprecedented situations have to be faced by taking unprecedented steps. We’re going to do just that. The message of strength, determination and unity of the organization should go out after the meeting. 

She further said, ‘We are not oblivious to the failures. Nor are we oblivious to the struggle of difficulties that we have to face. We will take the party back to the role which has always played an important role in the politics of the country. In these deteriorating conditions, the people of the country expect from us. We are here to introspect honestly, but we decide that when we get out of here, we will come out inspired by a new self-confidence, new energy and commitment”

Sonia Gandhi said, we can bring change only with huge efforts, we have to keep personal expectation under the needs of the organization. The party has given a lot. Now you need to pay off . Once again there is a need to show courage. Every organization needs to bring about change in order to survive. We are in dire need of reforms. This is the most basic issue. 

While addressing the Chintan Shivir, Sonia Gandhi said, this camp is a very good opportunity to reflect on the challenges the country is facing due to the policies of BJP-RSS. It is both a reflection on the issues of the country and introspection on the problems before the party. Sonia Gandhi said, there is a great need for structural reforms in the Congress. 

Sonia Gandhi said, by now it has become completely and painfully clear what exactly PM Modi and his allies mean by their slogan ‘Maximum Governance, Minimum Government’. This means keeping the country in a permanent state of polarization, forcing people to live in a state of constant fear and insecurity, viciously targeting and oppressing minorities who are an integral part of our society and our country. equal citizens. 

CM Ashok Gehlot gave welcome speech 

Earlier, as the host of Congress’s Chintan Shivir, Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot gave the welcome address. On this occasion, while attacking the BJP, he said that in the states where elections are about to come, there are riots. He said that we do a lot of work, but never do marketing. Gehlot said that these people talk like Gujarat model, but do not work.

430 leaders will discuss in six different groups 

Total 430 leaders will discuss in 6 different groups on topics related to politics, social justice and empowerment, economy, organization, farmers and agriculture and youth in Chintan Shivir, that is, about 70 in each group leaders will be involved. 

Congress party’s chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said in the press conference, ‘Today, when the country is passing through a period of democratic, economic and social ‘transition’, then Congress is once again working to bring the country on the path of progress, prosperity and progress. Taking a firm pledge for a ‘new resolution’.

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