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“Continue The Fight For Restoration Of Democracy” Manik Sarkar On Saturday

“Continue the fight for restoration of democracy” Manik Sarkar said this on Saturday. He was speaking in a Hall sabha organized to observe completing 100 years of Communist Party in india. Addressing the meeting he also calls for strengthening the struggle for livelihoods of common peoples. “Local issues are important and we have to go among the mass. This is our program” said CPIM POLITBUREAU member Manik sarkar. October 17 is a historic day as it marks the hundred years of the formation of the first unit of the Communist Party of India in Tashkent in the then Soviet Union. A century of the Communist movement has passed spanning eight decades of the 20th century and two of the 21st century. The birth and development of the Communist Party is intertwined with the freedom struggle in India.

Manik Sarkar
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