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Contractor’s Hanging Body Recovered On Ashtami Morning: ‘Pressure Of Club’ Alleged Family

Hanging body of a contractor recovered on Ashtami morning at Murabari near Balak Baba Asram.

Deceased identified as Udbhav Namah (45). According to the report he was missing since last three days.

According to the family members of the deceased, he was under pressure of local club members.

” My father took contract to make the Durga Puja pandal of the local mura bari club. But as the labors became ill my father was unable to complete the work. But the club members continuesly pressured on my father”

“Evean 10-15 club members started threatening and they were coming daily in our house daily more than once. During last three days my father was missing due to their threat. Now today this is the result before you” alleged the son of deceased Udbhav Namah.

Deceased’s family member
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