Controversy On Parliament Building Inauguration Not Fit For The Prestige Of Indian Democracy

The way controversies are coming out regarding the inauguration of the new Parliament built under the Prime Minister’s ambitious Central Vista Project, it cannot be said to be in line with the prestige of Indian democracy. 

Now nineteen political parties of the country have decided to boycott the inauguration ceremony of the new Parliament building. 

Among the boycotting parties, Congress, AAP, Left parties etc are also involved. 

Opposition parties argue that the Parliament cannot function without the President. The inauguration of the new Parliament House without president is a violation of the letter and spirit of the Constitution. 

They argue that according to the Constitution of India, the Parliament consists of the President and the two Houses. 

On the other hand, BJP leaders say that during the Emergency, the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had laid the foundation stone of the Parliament Annexe building and Rajiv Gandhi had laid the foundation stone of the Parliament Library Building in 1987. 

On the other hand, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi called upon the opposition to reconsider their decision and asked the opposition to make non-issue an issue. 

They believe that the Speaker of the Lok Sabha is the guardian of the Parliament. The Speaker has invited the Prime Minister for the inauguration. Also, the inauguration of the Parliament House is a historic event and it is unfair to politicize every event.  

It is known that the construction work of the new Parliament House was started in 2021 and it was completed in 28 months. 

Now on May 28, the Prime Minister will inaugurate this new building. 

It has been said by the government that 60,000 Shram Yogis have constructed the new Parliament House. 

Notably Akali Dal, Biju Janata Dal and YSR Congress will participate in the inaugural program despite boycott by 19 parties. 

There is also an argument of the opposition that May 28 is the birth anniversary of Hindutva ideologue Vinayak Damodar Savarkar and it is against the secular idea of ​​the nation builders. 

Biju Janata Dal and YSR Congress will participate in the inaugural programme. 

In fact, the opposition has been alleging that the Prime Minister tries to take political advantage through event management. He don’t give this chance to other people. 

Opposition parties including the Congress are alleging that the President is the head of the country. Apart from being a tribal woman, she is also the patron of the Parliament. It is also a requirement of protocol to inaugurate the new Parliament House by her. With the inauguration by the Prime Minister, this program will become a political event. They argue that the new Parliament House is not just a building. This ancient tradition Along with values, it is also the foundation of Indian democracy. 

On the other hand, the government says that with the increasing population in the country, new Lok Sabha constituencies are delimited, so accordingly there should be a place for more MPs to sit in the Parliament in the future. So that the work of the Parliament can run smoothly. 

Along with this, having the offices of the departments related to MPs at one place will make the functioning smooth. 888 members will be able to sit comfortably in the Lok Sabha chamber of the new Parliament House and 300 members in the Rajya Sabha chamber. 

The new parliament building has been made four storeyed and earthquake resistant. In which the three main gates are known as Gyan Dwar, Shakti Dwar and Karma Dwar. 

It is worth mentioning that there will be enough space in the new Lok Sabha building that a joint session of both the Houses can be called. 

The government’s argument is that the existing Parliament House, built during the British Raj, was built 96 years ago in 1927 and has been used to its maximum. 

But in spite of this, if the inauguration of the new Parliament House was done with the participation and consent of all political parties, then an inspiring image of the world’s largest democracy would have emerged. 

Parliament is the temple of democracy for more than one hundred and forty crore people of the country. 

It is also the responsibility of all political parties to maintain its purity and dignity. 

The ruling party and the opposition will have to take care of this. 

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