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Corona May Hit India Again: Report

After the new wave of Covid-19 in many other countries including China, concerns increased in India as well. 

It seems that Corona could again wreak havoc in India too. Because of this, the central and state governments were alerted. 

Again the discussion about hospital, bed, oxygen etc started gaining momentum. Meanwhile, the daily figures of corona positive cases also started increasing slightly. 

However, this increase is not so big. For the last two weeks, daily corona cases are increasing in the country, but very marginally. In the week ending Sunday, 1,526 new corona cases were found, which is 25 percent more than the 1,219 cases of the previous week. 25 percent in itself sounds like a lot, but if we look at the actual figures, the weekly difference is only 307. 

So has the danger of the fourth wave of Corona coming in the country averted?

There are signs of acceleration in the Covid-19 pandemic in Karnataka. Last week, 276 new corona cases came in this state of South India, which is 150 more than last week. 

Such a rapid increase in new corona cases has not been seen in any other state of the country. 

However, corona cases are definitely increasing in some states. For example, in Kerala itself, the maximum number of new corona cases was recorded at 476, which is only 60 more than last week’s 416. 

At the same time, 86 new corona cases were found in Tamil Nadu last week, which is only 39 more than the 47 cases found in the previous week.

In the rest of the states, there is not much fluctuation in the number of new corona cases. 

Last week, 168 new cases were registered in Maharashtra, whereas in the previous week its number was four more i.e. 172.

 Similarly, only 48 cases were found against 81 in Rajasthan, 81 against 72 in the national capital Delhi. In any other state, the weekly number of corona positive cases is not more than 50.

The central government has advised the states to increase covid testing and booster dose of corona vaccine. 

Along with this, the Center has also asked the agencies to do genome sequencing of virus samples to find out which variant of corona is responsible for the fresh cases. 

In fact, after the uproar created by the new BF.7 variant of the corona virus in China, it is being suspected that this variant may not have come to India as well.

For the first time since March 2020, the number of Covid deaths has come down to just six in the week of December 26 to January 1. 

For the first time in India, there was no death due to Covid in the first week of 16 to 22 March 2022. 

After that the week ending January 1 was the best from the point of view of Covid. In the week from 19 to 25 December, 16 patients died of Covid in India.

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