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Corruption: Tripura Congress Demands Special Audit In All Departments

“The Narendra Modi-led government was established with the promise of making the country free from corruption. But in the last 9 years, the most corruption has been seen during the tenure of this government. Protest must be there against it”.

This is what Congress spokesperson Prabir Chakraborty said against the state and central BJP government in a press conference at the Tripura Congress Bhavan at Post Office Chowmuhani on Saturday.

On this day, he made more corruption allegations against the central and state governments. 

Congress leader Shantiranjan Debnath said corruption has become institutionalized in all the states where there is a double engine government. 

He alleged that it is done with the covert support of the central government. 

Congress leaders have raised allegations of multiple corruptions in the state. The state Congress demanded a special audit in all the departments of the state.

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