Covid Vaccine : War Of Business

YES…IT’S A WAR OF BUSINESS. Across the pharmaceutical and medical industries, senior executives and board members are capitalizing on that dynamic. They are making millions of dollars after announcing positive developments, including support from the government, in their efforts to fight COVID-19. After such announcements, insiders from at least 15 companies — most of them smaller firms whose fortunes often hinge on the success or failure of a single drug — have sold shares worth well over $1 billion since March, according to figures compiled by Equilar, a data provider. The sudden windfalls highlight the powerful financial incentives for company officials to generate positive headlines in the race for Covid vaccines and treatments, even if the drugs might never pan out. Some companies are attracting government scrutiny for potentially using their associations with Operation Warp Speed as marketing ploys. Executives at a long list of companies have reaped seven- or eight-figure profits thanks to their work on coronavirus vaccines and treatments.Well-timed stock transactions are generally legal. But investors and corporate governance experts say they can create the appearance that executives are profiting from inside information, and could erode public confidence in the pharmaceutical industry when the world is looking to these companies to cure COVID-19. And the ‘GAME’ starts from hare and defenitely become a War Of Business.

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