Covid Violation… Punishment Should Be Creative

To curb the spread of Covid-19 pandemic, penalising violators is very important. Firstly, the administration needs to come up with ideas that deter people from violating the rules. Also, the police and other agencies are required to fulfill their duty in a free and fair manner. Moreover, they should also make the public understand that they are working for everyone’s benefit and such huge task can be accomplished only by teamwork. Thirdly, the citizens should act responsibly and abide by the rules in letter in spirit. The police as well as the administration need to be strict while dealing with the ones who violate the Covid-19 norms. Hefty fines and physical punishment for repetitive offenders should be there. Moreover, people themselves need to be responsible enough to follow the Covid-19 guidelines so that they do not put their own as well as others lives in danger. Politicians, bureaucrats etc. need to be an example for common people and should never violate Covid-19 protocol, thereby encouraging others to follow the rules. According to a study, 90% of the Indians know the importance of wearing masks but actually 50% use them. To handle the situation more effectively, the police should motivate the people by organising nukaad nataks to highlight the importance of mask and social distancing. Volunteers should be roped in for monitoring residents in containment zones. Awareness camps should also be organised to motivate the people. Any violation of norms should be spared.

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