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Covid19 Tripura: ‘NO Scope For Relaxing’ High Court To The Government, On Tuesday

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This period is too short to discern a systematic trend. The reasons can be many. The drop may be sporadic, not representing the true cross section on account of sampling errors. In any case we need to bring down the positivity rate further and cannot relax and rejoice the positivity rate of 5% of the tested people. It would be a serious error to get euphoric on the basis of these figures. There is no scope for relaxing or letting our guards down”, Tripura High Court reads the order on tuesday Citing reports of COVID positivity furnished by the state government. the Court has observed that number of active cases came down from 214 to 109 between October 07 and 11, and said there is a steady drop in the positivity rate, particularly from October 9, 2020 onwards. While, on October 7 the positivity rate was more than 10%, it dropped to five percent on October 11, the Court said. Urging the government not to rely on mere announcement of restrictions, the High Court today said medical experts have predicted a possible spike for COVID-19 during winter and said a constant dialogue should be undertaken with principal stakeholders of the Puja like clubs, pandal organizers, leading members of the communities and general public at large along with constant vigil. The Court has also asked the media to play a positive role in covid pandemic.

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