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Covid19 Positivity Rate Spikes During Durga Puja In Tripura: DM West Confirms On Saturday

Covid19 positivity rate has increased during Durga Puja festival. It was earlier warned by Experts and Doctors Community. DM west confirms this fact on Saturday. Already west tripura district is the king pin in terms of covid positivity and also covid19 fatality figures in the state. Now during durga puja covid19 positivity rate spikes once again, confirms DM West Tripura on Saturday. “On September covid19 positivity rate was 3 to 5 percent. But after durga puja it’s stands on 10 percent, as assessed till last day” addressing the press said West Trpura District Magistrate Sailesh Yadav on Saturday. Probably due to the huge crowd at the market places, covid19 positivity rate spikes once again” said DM West. Meanwhile on Saturday state government inaugurated Jayanti ward of GBP as ‘Dedicated Covid19 Hospital’ .

Sailesh Kr Yadav, DM West Tripura
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