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CPIM Delegates Meets CEO Tripura. Demands Free,Fair By-Elections

 A three-member delegation of the Tripura CPIM placed deputation before the State Election Commission on Friday demanding fair and peaceful by- elections in Boxanagar and Dhanpur Assembly Constituencies to be held on September 5.

CPIM Parliamentary Leader Jitendra Choudhury, former Minister Manik Dey were present in the delegation. 

Party State Secretary Jitendra Choudhury alleged to the CEO Tripura and said that from the previous experience, the Election Commission must take strict action for free fair poll. 

“Because it is known to all that the ruling party has made a farce in the four assembly elections held at the a year ago using a section of high police officials. So that such incidents are not repeated in the two centers on September 5, Election Commission must be active this time” said Choudhury. 

“Because recently it is seen that the same situation is emerging in Boxanagar and Dhanpur assembly constituencies as it was in the previous by-elections. The movement of outsiders are seen in marriage houses, panchayat institutes in Bisramganj and guest houses” he said.

“In this regard, the CEO has been told that no one should be in the poll bound area before 48 hours of the elections . Identity proof of the voters must be checked 200 meters before the polling station. International borders must be sealed 48 hours before the election” demands CPIM. 

“Because in the last assembly elections, people from across the border were used to threatened and terrorize the voters”. Jitendra Choudhury said.

“After knowing these issues, the CEO assured that appropriate measures will be taken to ensure a fair and peaceful polling by talking to the administrative officers in charge of the two assembly constituencies” added Choudhury.

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